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You will be able to find a few international schools in Bangkok, Thailand and many of them teach different curricula. You might decide you want your child to follow the American or British curricula or the International Baccalaureate. Some have Christian values, being founded by Christian missionaries. Some will offer something else. If you want something where your child is going to flourish, an international school in Bangkok is a perfect choice.

When people come to Bangkok from their country, they sometimes want their children just to carry on in the same kind of schooling system they had back home, something that corresponds with that school. Many parents love the option of their children following the IB program or international baccalaureate program. This programme was developed back in 1968 in Switzerland, a programme recognised across the world. Parents choose this type of schooling for their children because it’s these schools that are focused on preparing the child for their university years, preparing them to enter top universities across the world. An example of one of these schools is the American School of Bangkok which has two campuses; one is the Sukhumvit Campus and the other the Green Valley Campus. Parents love the thought of a school like ASB because with the academic teaching being on the top of its league, school graduates get accepted to top universities of the world. These can be Harvard, Pennsylvania, Tokyo, British Columbia and much more. Top students are known to receive academic scholarships – due to remarkable achievements. ASB has been doing this for over 30 years

You can’t afford not to select the American School of Bangkok as your choice of international schooling in Bangkok for your child. A leading school, a school that will know your child by name, because they want to see them start and finish happily, successfully and academically.